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Voyage Health Care

Maxtime was selected after extensive research in the market for an easy to use and flexible scheduling system.The product is very easy to configure and has enabled our business to provide clear and accurate information on labour costs.

Zia Khan, Head of Business Systems of Voyage Care
Ian Hamilton

At the end of the Implementation of the Maxtime System we had over 200 sites with more than 4,600 employees. This has allowed us to reduce wage cost by 5% through a combination of improved scheduling, budget controls and accurate information

Ian Hamilton, Commercial Director of Poundworld
Select Health care

We have now reached a stage where all our sites are using Maxtime. Moving from Timesheets to Maxtime has saved an enormous amount of admin time for both Home Managers and for Payroll. We are eager to move forward now to gain the full benefit of the  budgeting system, as this is sure to cut our wage costs, while enabling us to have more control over what is our biggest cost.

Kamran Arshad, Payroll Manager at Select Healthcare

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Categorise Time Worked

Maxtime will allow time worked to be categorised in many different ways.

Using some pre-defined rules, Maxtime could record time worked according to the location of work, the job role or even the shift. These rules will be customised to suit your business and not the other way around.

Some care homes find it useful to report on "Care Hours" delivered based on the job role worked. For example a Nurse, Carer or Support Worker would have their time worked categorised as "Care Hours" whilst an Administrator would not. Another use of this feature would be the recording of "Overtime". A rule can be created to categorise all time worked on a weekend to be "Overtime", eliminating the need for any manual and time consuming calculations.

Maxtime's flexible software sets us apart from our competitors who usually require your business to modify it's procedures to conform with their rigid, pre-set methods.

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Aid Compliance

Maxtime can help your business comply with UK legislation or you own company schemes.

The working time directive is one such area. Maxtime can record each employee's status of either opting in or out of the WTD, automatically warning you if they are about the breach the threshold.

Training and qualifications can also be managed in Maxtime and can aid with company compliance. For example, job roles can be configured to require a particular qualification, meaning that this cannot be applied to an employee without the required skill set. Further to this, it is possible to report on staff whose skills are about to expire and automatically prevent them from being scheduled without them.

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